Colchester golf courses in full swing

TRURO, NS – Truro Golf and Country Club joined the courses in Stewiacke and Brookfield this week as up-and-going for the 2022 season.
Fox Hollow Golf Club in Stewiacke started back in mid-March, while Brookfield Golf and Country Club Golfers tee off on April 26. Another Colchester course, Debert Golf Club, is expected to open in the next day or two.
“It has been busy, busy, busy; we were the only ones opened for a long time, ”said Fox Hollow owner / operator Betty Gourley. “It’s been a great spring for us.”
Gourley added the course started to green up recently, but more heat and sun would be welcomed.
“It has been a cold, wet spring, but people are always anxious to get out,” she said, adding they’ve renovated the kitchen in the clubhouse and purchased 10 new golf carts since last season.
Lexie Stewart from the Brookfield course said they were busy early last week, but cold and wet weather put a damper on the latter part of the week.
“The course wintered well,” she said, adding the only exception might be the putting green.
Mountain general manager Ross Percy said things are looking good at the East Mountain course.
“We’ve done quite a bit to the course over the last few years,” Percy said. “New tea boxes are 18, new greens; we’ve done some good renovations to the course. ”

A cool, but relatively dry day enabled golfers to get an early-spring round in at the Brookfield Golf and County Club May 1 – Richard MacKenzie

Truro operations manager Stuart Cox was also talking about course renovations as he looks forward to a busy 2022. He talked about safety being a key component to a change at hole nine.
“Essentially what we did, from nine tea, we cleared out all the scrub-brush, some willow (trees), all of that, so you can now see this 18 green from nine tea box.
“Some of the long ball hitters, they’re going for the green at nine, but if they miss it and it leaks right, it ends up at 18. And sometimes, if they can’t see it, they don’t yell . So this makes it a little safer. If people are there, they know not to hit, or if they hit and all of a Sudden someone pops out they can see, then they know to yell. ”
Scrub brush removal around holes six and seven will also help sightlines from tee boxes and greens, Cox added, providing a fairer outcome for a wayward shot on six.
“There are six, some people, when they miss their shot, it would hit that cart path and kick towards the hazard, but you couldn’t tell if it went into the hazard or not? If it went in, people were taking their drop to the right of the cart path, that little area, and they didn’t have a backswing because there was a bush there. ”
The more clearing also means more Sunlight is the number seven forward tees, which will result in better growth there.
Other changes at the popular course include Trackman for the clubhouse and repaving of the parking lot. Cox said the Trackman golf simulator was on the Radar for about the last five years.
“We talked about it, looked into it, but it didn’t make sense to do it financially and whatnot at the time, and then just with the last couple of years being good, we decided to go for it, and it has been awesome. The opportunities with it are great. ”
When Debert gets going, golfers will notice a little more openness for some tee shots.
“We’re working at widening the Fairways, that is making a lot of people happy,” said general manager Mark Webb. “It will be easier to find a ball off a wayward shot if it just rolls off to the side.”
Like his counterparts, Webb said warmer weather will be welcomed, but otherwise, things are looking good.
“Memberships are looking up so far; we’re looking forward to a good season, ”they said.
For more on the local Clubs, including booking tee times, follow their websites or Facebook pages.

A repaved parking lot awaits golfers teeing off at Truro Golf and Country Club this season.  - Richard MacKenzie
A repaved parking lot awaits golfers teeing off at Truro Golf and Country Club this season. – Richard MacKenzie

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