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Three years ago, Carroll Community College was an unknown player in the world of college athletics.

In 2019, the school added an athletics program. Bill Kelvey, a science professor at Carroll, was named the school’s first athletic director and Carroll Lynx were born.

The school now boasts eight men’s and women’s teams across four sports and in 2023, golf will be added to the lineup.

“We had to look at what parameters we had to go with and try to see what would suit our students’ needs, but that we could hopefully be successful in, ”Kelvey said. “Golf was exactly that sport that’s popular in this region that we could capitalize on.”

In the spring of 2021, men’s and women’s golf was approved by the Carroll Community College Board of Trustees. That gap between the sport’s approval and the official roll-out has given Kelvey and the Athletic department Ample time to prepare.

The first major step in the process was taken last winter, as Century High School boys golf coach Kevin Piecewicz was hired as Carroll’s men’s golf coach.

“I had heard through the grapevine that Carroll was looking for a Coach for the men’s team,” Piecewicz said. “At a high school tournament in the fall, a few coaches were talking about it as well. I decided to put my name in the hat, reach out to Bill and I got the job from there. ”

The nature of the job allows Piecewicz to Coach both as Carroll’s season runs in the spring whereas Century’s season takes place in the fall.

Piecewicz had an in-person interview with Kelvey as part of the process. Based on his work at Century and his other coaching and recruitment experiences, he fit the Billing for the job.

“I brought something to the table that not a lot of other people could, which is that I work for a national golf academy,” Piecewicz said. “I live and breathe golf 24/7. When I’m not coaching, I’m traveling the country teaching and playing golf. From that point of view, I felt very confident that I could bring that time, energy and knowledge to the program. ”

Something else to note is that Piecewicz didn’t just grasp the golf aspect of the job, but the community college aspect as well. His son is currently enrolled at Carroll, so the grind of what community college is for many is something that he’s familiar with.

Piecewicz is Entering quite a large undertaking. Hhe’ll be the lead voice when it comes to what the program needs in order to be able to succeed, especially recruiting.

“They really seemed to understand the recruiting part,” Kelvey said. “When we first started the athletics program, we found out that recruiting is about 70% of everything at the community college level. The recruiting aspect is really something that coaches are going to have to want to do. ”

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For a two-year community college like Carroll, it can be difficult to attract possible athletes. Not only are these schools of course competing with four-year Division I institutions, but DII and DIII schools as well that have the ability to offer more.

Knowing the family connection that Piecewicz has at Carroll, it makes a tedious and painstaking process much smoother and more successful in the end.

So far, there are a number of students that have shown interest in the program, roughly a year or so from teeing off for the first time.

“Since mid-fall, I’ve put some feelers out when it comes to recruiting to get a sense of what interest there is out there,” Piecewicz said. “We’ve reached out to a lot of high schools near us, but it’s still a process as now we don’t even know that we have a golf program at all.”

Kelvey and Piecewicz are excited about the prospect of helping grow the program, but also, how far Carroll athletics has come the past three years.

Piecewicz is joining this journey a bit later into the mix, but with his hiring, he’s now the person who will help set the foundation for Carroll moving forward with golf.

“I’m really excited for this summer where I’ll actually be able to get out on a course, get on a driving range with some of those who are interested,” Piecewicz. “That’s when the real excitement will start.”

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