Classic Wii Sports Games Nintendo Switch Sports Still Needs

Nintendo Switch Sports has Volleyball, Tennis, Chambara, Badminton, Soccer, and Bowling, but it’s still missing many classic Wii Sports game types.

There are six games included in Nintendo Switch Sportsbut it’s still missing a lot of game types that were highly enjoyable in Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resort. Bowling, Tennis, Volleyball, Badminton, Soccer, and Chambara were all included in Nintendo Switch Sports at launch, and there are plans to release a free expansion in Fall 2022, but not all of the rumored DLC game types have been confirmed.

With the addition of Chambara, Volleyball, Badminton, and Soccer in Nintendo Switch Sports, there are a total of 19 different game types in the series. At launch, the newest title in the series has only two of the original sports, so there are plenty of opportunities to revisit others in an expansion. There’s also a possibility that entirely new sports will be added when the DLC becomes available. For example, there’s a rumor that Dodgeball will be added later this year.


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With Wii Sports Resort having 12 unique sports, it would be surprising if Nintendo Switch Sports added only one or two in the DLC. At this time, it’s unclear whether or not this new title will have multiple expansions, but there is at least one coming in the Fall. Although some completely new sports could be a lot of fun, it would be a mistake if Nintendo ignored the popularity of some of the classics Wii Sports game types. There are a lot of missing sports in the latest release, but some are more deserving of Nintendo Switch versions than others.

Nintendo Switch Sports Needs A Version Of Boxing From Wii Sports

Classic Wii Sports Games Nintendo Switch Sports Still Needs Boxing

Boxing was arguably the best game in Wii Sports because it was the most challenging to master, and the practice modes were just as enjoyable as the real sport. There were also over 30 different opponents to beat with varying levels of difficulty including beginner, pro, and champion. Being able to block, dodge, and punch like a pro took a decent amount of effort, and beating the toughest opponents was more fulfilling in boxing than any of the other original sports.

It should be relatively easy to translate Boxing from Wii Sports to Nintendo Switch Sports. The use of both joy-cons would be required, and the independence of the controllers may actually make it easier to fight. The limited range of the wired Wii controllers would sometimes lead to pulling the Nunchuk wire out of the Wii Remote and having the match stop in the middle of swinging or moving. The separation of the joy-cons can enhance the immersiveness of the Boxing experience.

Baseball Should Be Included In A Nintendo Switch Sports Update

Classic Wii Sports Games Nintendo Switch Sports Still Needs Baseball

The original Wii Sports also included Baseball, and, while it had its flaws, having an adaptation of this sport would be a great addition to the new game. Currently, three of the six sports in the new title are net games that feel very similar. Although Volleyball has a somewhat different setup than Tennis or Badminton, there is a noticeable lack of diversity between the six sports, and adding Baseball could help fix this issue. Of course, Nintendo Switch Sports‘Bowling, Chambara, and Soccer also help to break up the net sports, but there still needs to be more games that feel completely different from the others.

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The controls in Wii Sports Baseballs were flawed, and the NPCs’ ability to catch nearly every ball made it difficult to get runs. Pitching was fun, but playing the training modes was more enjoyable than a real game because of the player’s inability to control the rest of their team. If Nintendo Switch Sports added Baseball in an expansion, it would need to greatly improve how NPCs interact with players. The joy-cons already lend themselves to good Baseball controls using one controller, so it’s possible that Baseball could be added in a future DLC.

Nintendo Switch Sports Should Adapt Archery From Wii Sports Resort

Classic Wii Sports Games Nintendo Switch Sports Still Needs Archery

Archery was included in Wii Sports Resort, and it was a fun way to test a player’s precision in a relaxing atmosphere. The aiming guide countered the difficulty settings, but Nintendo Switch Sports has the potential to give players more of a challenge. Instead of just having a moving target, like in the original Archery on expert, Nintendo could add moving obstacles or different types of bows to choose from. The biggest issue with adapting Archery for the new title is the joy-con controllers.

Wii Sports Resort had a pack of alternative controllers to purchase separately, and while they weren’t necessary to play the game, the bow that the pack included made Archery much more enjoyable. Even the Wii Remote and Nunchuk seem easier to use than joy-cons for Archery because the wired connection let players feel when their arms were in the right position. Using only the joy-cons may feel awkward or cause issues trying to line up a shot. If Archery is added to Nintendo Switch Sportsa new controller extension similar to the Mario Kart wheels may be necessary.

Cycling Could Add Some Diversity To Nintendo Switch Sports

Classic Wii Sports Games Nintendo Switch Sports Still Needs Cycling

Cycling is one of the sports in Wii Sports Resort that felt completely unique compared to any of the other options both in that title and in the original Wii Sports. Cycling presented a noticeable change in the sequel from the original sports in Wii Sports. With a few improvements and some diverse tracks, it would be a great addition to the lineup in Nintendo Switch Sports.

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The joy-cons would actually make Cycling controls better because it means Nintendo can completely avoid the issue of potentially ripping the Nunchuk wire out while speeding up. This wasn’t as much of an issue in Cycling as it was in other sports, but eliminating the wire altogether would probably make controlling the cyclist a bit easier. Racing against friends or online would be a nice change of pace from the other game types in Nintendo Switch Sports.

The Nintendo Switch Sports Expansion Will Include Golf

Classic Wii Sports Games Nintendo Switch Sports Still Needs Golf

Nintendo has already confirmed that the seventh sport is coming to Nintendo Switch Sports is Golf. This sport was featured as one of the original five in Wii Sports, and it was one of the best game types at the time. There are a lot of other sports that could be added, but Golf is one that simply needs to be included in the new title. Golf has been in every Sports title so far, and as a fan favorite, it’s no surprise that it will be added with the Fall 2022 expansion.

Basketball Is Rumored To Be Included In The Nintendo Switch Sports Expansion

Classic Wii Sports Games Nintendo Switch Sports Still Needs Basketball

A rumor surfaced recently that indicated Basketball would be one of the sports added along with Golf in the Nintendo Switch Sports DLC. Basketball was originally included in Wii Sports Resort, but the motion controls were clunky, and the game type lacked any real challenge. Shooting the ball was fun, but the sport became boring and predictable after a while. However, Nintendo could take some of the more immersive controls that Soccer has in the new title and apply the same concept to Basketball. Doing so would ensure that Basketball is on par with the rest of the sports included in or coming to Nintendo Switch Sports.

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