Clara Chía “not just another affair” by Piqué during Shakira relationship

Shakira said it in her song with Bizarrap: “I’m not coming back with you, don’t even cry or beg.” And, according to the journalist Jordi Martín, this is completely true.

Shakira refused Piqué reconciliation

As the singer insinuated in Music Sessions 53, and Jordi Martín recounted in the Univisión program El Gordo y la flaca, citing sources close to the Colombian, the couple’s break up was in April of last year. During those two months that elapsed until they made their decision public, the Barcelona player apologized to the artist and made it clear he wanted to get back with her, which she refused, hurt by his disloyalty.

“From those close to Shakira, they tell me that last April they ended their relationship. A month later they regretted it and returned home, but it didn’t work out and they decided to break up completely. Clara already existed by then,” he explained.

According to Martín, Shakira would have already forgiven previous affairs during the 12 years that their relationship lasted, but this time she was determined not to give him another chance.

“She realized that Clara Chía wasn’t just another one,” they added.

Piqué took Refuge again in Clara Chia

The fact that the Colombian was not in favor of reconciliation with the player led him to bet on his relationship with the young Catalan, Chía. It was then that he began to be seen with her including them attending a wedding together.

About the Rumors of a crisis between Piqué and Chía as a result of the song that Shakira dedicated to them, and the aftermath, Martín explained that “they are more in love than ever,” and Suggested this situation could have even strengthened their romance.

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