Chattanooga Art + Climate Project Call To Artists Living Or Working Along Rossville Boulevard

ArtsBuild is currently in search of three artists who live or work in communities along the Rossville Blvd. Corridor in Chattanooga for a year long, paid artist residency.

The Chattanooga Art + Climate Project is an 18-month project supported by the Lyndhurst Foundation to hire a nationally recognized artist and three local Emerging artists from the Rossville Blvd. Corridor to create works of temporary art (2D or 3D visual art, music of all forms, movement, dance and other types of performance, writing/poetry) Addressing climate issues specific to the Neighborhoods along the corridor such as heat islands and flooding.

This call to artists is to recruit and select the three local artists. The application deadline is Friday, March 24, 2023.

The most pressing climate issues for the Greater Chattanooga region are heat, flooding, and community resilience to change. The overarching vision of this project is to use the arts to inspire dialogue about climate justice and the connectivity of our community challenges to ultimately inspire change. The mission is to connect artists and communities most impacted by climate change and co-create works of art that inspire societal action for the betterment of Chattanooga.

A series of community information sessions will take place in February for interested artists and Residents of the Rossville Blvd. Corridor who want to learn more about the project and the climate concerns faced by Chattanooga neighborhoods.

For questions, email Brianna Jones at [email protected]. Click here to apply or find a link to this job description at

The Art + Climate Committee is comprised of James McKissic of ArtsBuild, Adera Causey of the Hunter Museum of American Art, Rick Huffines of the TN River Gorge Trust, Charlotte Caldwell of Stove Works, Daniela Paz Peterson of Trust for Public Land, Michael Walton of green|spaces, Isaac Duncan III as an individual artist, with project management facilitated by Brianna Jones, and community engagement facilitated by Sarah Berestecky.


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