CDA’s 2022 Jr. Golf Program is a step towards Greatness for youth


Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley (red t-shirt) and Minister of Planning and Development Pennelope Beckles, (left), alongside students and golf coaches at the launch of the 2022 Junior Golf Program at the Chaguaramas Golf Course, are on Wednesday. – Jelani Beckles

The Prime Minister encouraged the youngsters about to embark in cycle two of the Chaguaramas Development Authority 2022 Junior Golf Program to view it as the first step to achieving Greatness and representing TT in the sport.

Dr Rowley, an avid golfer, delivered the feature address at the launch of the program at the Chaguaramas Golf Course, on Wednesday.

Schools expected to learn the Fundamentals of golf in the program which tees off on Monday are St. Anthony’s College, St. James Secondary, Diego Martin Girls ‘RC, Pt Cumana Government, Pt Cumana RC and Carenage Boys’ RC.

Rowley, who spoke about his love for Cricket, football and track and field before attempting golf, encouraged the children to reach for the stars.

“I don’t know your names yet, but I am sure that in the not too distant future I will know the names of some of you and some of you will become household names in the Sporting arena of TT,” Rowley said.

“You are going to embark on an exercise that I am sure you will enjoy and could enjoy for all your physical life and of course, you may go on to become an outstanding participant in a world sport.”

Rowley said that representing TT is not an unrealistic goal.

“As you Juniors get the opportunity to participate and to represent (and) if you display the Talent that I think you have residing within you some of you will become representatives to represent us and to wear this national color somewhere as a member of the national golf team of TT. ”

Rowley said the participants needed a strong team around them.

“The role of the parents or Guardian, a neighbor or friend in supporting any child who is interested in playing this or any sport is as important as the child who is playing because the children always need support as they embark on endeavors.”

Naiomi Roberts of Diego Martin Girls spoke about what she learned in the program previously.

Prime Minister Dr. Keith Rowley, right, gives Naiomi Roberts, middle, and Clarisse Marin a golf lesson at Chaguaramas Golf Course, on Wednesday. – Jelani Beckles

Roberts said she “enjoyed the training” and the program was “informative.”

However, the “highlight was meeting Dr. Keith Christopher Rowley.”

Roberts also thanked the CDA for the experience.

Minister of Planning and Development Pennelope Beckles spoke about the value of the sport as someone who dabbled in table tennis and track and field at university.

The Lessons instilled in the youngsters during the Clinic will go beyond the golf course, said Beckles.

“I believe exposing children to organized sports will lead to world-class athletes,” Beckles said.

Beckles said the sport has psychological benefits and it teaches life skills such as teamwork and leadership.

Beckles said the participants should not take this chance for granted.

“Take this opportunity seriously… put your best foot forward.”

Success will not materialize without “hard work and discipline.”

Beckles confirmed that Professor Frank Fraley of the Worker Bee Institute in Fleetwood, New York donated equipment to the CDA for the program.

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