Caltrops on Mesa highway bike lanes causing worry among cyclists

MESA, AZ (3TV / CBS 5) – Cyclists say they’re finding caltrops in the bike lanes on Bush Highway, which has already punctured some tires. They’re worried someone will get seriously hurt.

“There’s a few hundred cyclists out there every weekend that ride on that road – could even be more than that. The fact even one of them got a flat tire like this is upsetting, ”said Mike Tucker, a cycling coach. Tucker was with a beginner cycling group when one of the women ran over a caltrop, a sharp, spiked metal object.

“I was slightly ahead of her at the time; I did hear everybody yell out ‘flat tire.’ She did not know what it was until she was stopped and pulled it out of the tire, “Tucker said.” Because she was controlling her speed, she was lucky she did not have an accident. It was her front tire that popped because of this. A front tire blowout can be pretty devastating on a bike at high speeds. ”

“I’ve seen places where people have thrown like nails out on the road and broken glass, but I’ve never seen anything like that,” said cyclist Tom Sharpe. “It probably would tear it apart, might even destroy the wheel.”

Tonto National Forest and MCSO said they had not received any reports about caltrops. However, Tucker said he knows his group is not alone.

“I’ve seen 7 or 8 posts at this point between Instagram and Facebook and other places, but if I’ve seen 7 or 8 and my circle is small, there’s probably a few hundred out there,” Tucker said. I understand, it’s all on Bush Highway, and it’s all between the Granite Reef and Usery Mountain Road where they’ve all been found. ”

Tucker said he’s also heard of people on the trails finding the caltrops. Tonto National Forest encourages anyone who comes across one of these sharp objects to let them know. You can report it to or call 602-225-5200.


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