Buen Vieje Dance Returns to the North Fourth Arts Center

Buen Viaje Dance is comprised of nine members. Not pictured is Sarah Wilson. (Courtesy North Fourth Arts Center)

As we hit December the North Fourth Art Center Resident company Buen Viaje Dance is back and ready to roll.

The group has been rehearsing since February and is excited for their first performance since Pandemic started.

Two performances will be held – at 7 pm Saturday, Dec. 10, and 2 pm Sunday, Dec. 11 – at the North Fourth Art Center and Theater.

“As we have emerged from the Pandemic we reached out to members of the 2020 company several months as they were progressing new work under a new artist and now they are ready,” said Susanna Kearny, North Fourth Outreach director.

Under the new guidance of Artistic Director Briana Van Schuyver, the group will perform five original works, interspersed with videos of dance performed by mixed-ability dance professionals from around the globe.

“We will have five original pieces interspersed with videos that are Featured in the past,” Kearny said.

The video pieces are a Collaboration with Emmaly Wiederholt with highlight work by four of over 30 dance artists Featured in “Breadth of Bodies: Discussing Disability in Dance,” written by Wiederholt and co-author Silva Laukkanen.

“The Buen Viaje Dancers showcase what’s happening locally,” said Wiederholt in a press release. “The videos showcase what’s happening in the larger world of mixed-ability dance.”

Buen Viaje means “good journey” in Spanish, as this group has been performing and teaching dance in the area since 1984. Over the years Buen Viaje Dancers have journeyed Nationwide to present their original Choreography for an international festival in Washington DC

“A company that has been successful for 35 years and counting has pretty impressive stability,” Kearny said. “I think Buen Viaje Performing original work over all the years makes them a staple in the community.”

Van Schuyver praised the members of the resurrected company for their commitment over the past nine months.

“The Dancers have worked diligently to integrate an ability to learn, retain and perform Choreography with an ability to create and interpret their own movements,” Van Schuvyer said in a press release. “‘Mixed Mastery’ is an exciting culmination of their efforts and talents.”

The company has presented workshops for audiences of all ages and abilities, and has received recognition for Excellence in dance education from the National Dance Educators Association and a Bravos Award for Excellence in arts education from the Albuquerque Arts Alliance.

“I think there has been a lot of changes over the years and I think we are a part of that,” Kearny said. “What we do I have to say that’s one of my favorite aspects of working here.”

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