Bridget is here to dunk on the competition in an unexpectedly perfect basketball mod for Guilty Gear Strive

Sometimes modders nail an idea you never would have thought you’d actually want, and this is one of those occasions.

Impressive Modder Manmadee recently transformed Bridget into a star basketball player, which couldn’t really get any more perfect.

Bridget’s attire completely changes into that of a serious b-baller with her very own jersey, shorts and headband although she still keeps her basic color scheme going.

And then of course you have the basketball replacing her yo-yos to bring the whole thing together although attaching a string to a ball sounds like cheating, which kinda just makes it better.

The stills of the mod are great, but don’t do justice to the absurdity that is watching her whip around 2 basketballs at the same time and fly around the screen.

Also Roger has been replaced with Thomas the Tank Engine, and that’s all I have to say on that.

You can check out basketball Bridget in action below thanks to DanteLive4game, and more information about the mod can be found on Manmadee’s Gamebanana page.


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