Breath Of The Wild – All Minigames, Ranked

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild offers up a vast open world for gamers to sink their teeth into. With foes all around and an almost never-ending supply of side quests, the game has a variety of missions and tasks to complete.

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While it may be a divergence from the norm when it comes to Legend of Zelda titles, Breath of The Wild still includes mini-games, a classic element of any good Zelda experience. Most of these mini-games primarily exist to utilize the gameplay elements of Breath of the Wild and give players the chance to earn some extra rupees. However, some do offer up some unique rewards and equipment.


15 Test Of Wood

To unlock this mini-game, Link must first complete the Korok Trials ‘Test of Wood’ Shrine Quest. Once that is done, you’ll be able to play through the mini-game and have the chance to make some rupees.

Simply speak to Damia, a Korok who can be found by the Easter end of the Korok Forest. This game requires you to redo the side quest but with a twist. It must be completed within five minutes.

14 Carrying The Blue Flame

To play through this mini-game, Link must first have completed Robbie’s Research. Once that has been done, head down to the East Akkala Stable and speak to Aya. There, she will challenge Link to light the lantern with the blue flame.

Link must complete this within the time limit, meaning timing and tactics are key to accomplishing the task and winning the game. If it is done in under three minutes the reward is a purple Rupee. Under one minute rewards a silver Rupee and under 20 seconds will earn Link a gold one.

13 Mounted Archery Challenge

Mastering horseback archery is one of the hardest things to do in Breath of The Wild. The controls are sensitive and fiddly, making accuracy difficult. Enter the Mounted Archery Challenge, something that will put these skills to the test.

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While on horseback, speak to Jini at the Mounted Archery Camp in the Lake Region. The game will require Link to hit targets while on horseback and is one of the hardest you’ll encounter. The reward for this mini-game is the Knight’s Bridle and Saddle horse gear which does ultimately make the struggle worth it.

12 Gut Check Challenge

First and foremost, make sure Link has his climbing gear equipped and stamina wheel well upgraded before going to complete this mini-game. Cooking some stamina boosting food is also a good thing to do in preparation.

The aim of the game is straightforward. Simply reach the top of Gut Check Rock in under three minutes. Once Link does the initial version of the challenge, a harder option called the Super Gut Check Challenge will become available.

11 Deer Hunting

Deer Hunting is one of the first mini-games you’ll find. When in Hateno Village, head over to the farm and speak to its owner Dantz. He will mention that the nearby Retsam Forest is over-populated with Deer.

He will then ask Link to help him clear out some deer in a mini-game. When it starts, Link will have 60 seconds to take down as many Deer as he can. While it doesn’t cost any money to play, Link will have to use his own equipment so make sure your inventory is stocked with bows and arrows.

Load up on stamina boosting equipment and abilities for this mini-game as it requires Link to turn into a speed demon. It can be played out by speaking with Konba at the Footrace Check-In, located in the Hyrule Ridge Region of Central Hyrule.

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Konba will challenge Link to a race, with the finish line of course being the top of Mount Rhoam. Luckily, Link is allowed to climb up walls and also paraglide, with the aim of the game simply to get to the top before Konba.

9 Ice Delivery

To initiate this game, Link must visit the Icehouse during the daytime and head to an underground room located north of Gerudo Town. However, the Perfect Drink Shrine quest must be completed before this mini-game can be played.

Speak to Ancu when inside to begin the challenge. As the name suggests, this game requires Link to carry and deliver a giant ice cube to the destination. Be wary of foes and the sun, as the cube will melt if exposed to light.

8 Bird-man Research Study

This mini-game is one of the easiest ones to find and come across. In large part since its starting point is simply atop the Ridgeland Tower. Once Link makes it to the top, he will find a Hylian named Branli.

Branli will explain that he is a researcher and that he is investigating the Rite and how they fly. This then triggers the mini-game, which requires Link to jump off Ridgeland Tower and paraglide for as long as he can before hitting the ground. Upgrading Link’s stamina to the maximum amount, as well as having some stamina elixirs and handy food, is key to getting the best result possible in this game.

7 Chest Gambling

It wouldn’t be a Zelda title without a mini-game that involves opening random chests for the chance to win some Rupees. Breath of The Wild’s version comes in the form of the Chest Gambling game, located in Lurelin Village at the beach near Yah Rin Shine.

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The mini-game is in the fourth house as you enter the village. It’s hard to miss given it has a giant rupee logo on the front. The game itself is straightforward. You open chests and if you pick the correct ones you can win big.

6 Selmie’s Shield Surfing

Shield Surfing is one of the best gameplay elements of Breath of The Wild. Therefore, it’s no surprise that there is a whole mini-game dedicated to it, one that is also a great way to master the ability.

Head to Selmie’s Splot in the Hebra Region to play through this mini-game. It costs 20 Rupees to play, with a Beginner Course and Advanced Course available. Successfully making it through the Advanced Course in record time will result in Selmie gifting Link with some of the strongest shields in the game.

5 Mounted Obstacle Course

Fans of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time will remember a similar mini-game being played out at Lon Lon Ranch. This time, however, the mounted obstacle course can be played outside of Highland Stable in the Lake Region.

Engaging with Blynne near the cooking pot will initiate this mini-game. The objective is to jump over ten obstacles on horseback. Completing the course within certain times will reward Link with the Extravagant Bridle and Saddle horse gear.

4 Snowball Bowling

Snowball Bowling is a fun mini-game that can also be a great way to earn extra rupees at a fast speed. This game is in the Hebra Region at Pondo’s Lodge, northeast of the Hebra Tower.

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Speak to Pondo to initiate the game, and he’ll set up what is essentially a game of giant bowling. There will be ten pins for Link to knock over with a snowball. If Link gets a strike, then he’ll be rewarded with 300 Rupees. While there is a slight learning curve to this game, once the right angle is found it is then a sure-fire way to earn lots of rupees.

3 Flight Range

The Flight Range is an area at the end of Dronoc’s Pass in the Hebra Mountains. It is a mini-game that focuses on utilizing the aerial gameplay mechanics of Breath of the Wild. In addition, it is also a great way to brush up on your archery skills.

Thebes, the Rite Warrior, will first introduce Link to the Flight Range after being mounded by Divine Beast Van Medoh. This mini-game requires Link to simply destroy targets with his bow while in the air. Choosing the right bow can be the difference between success or loss in this game.

2 The Sand Seal Race

Who would have thought Sand Seals would be so fun to race around on? While of course Link can simply find the animals and use them to help traverse through the Gerudo Region, a specific mini-game gives you the chance to put the pedal to the metal and see just how good your Sand Seal racing skills are.

To unlock this mini-game, Link must first free Divine Beast Vah Naboris. Once this is done, simply head over to the Sand-Seal Rally racing spot that is located south of Gerudo Town. Here, you will be able to interact with Tali, who will then challenge Link to beat her record and win the Grand Trophy. After doing this, Link can go back and continue to replay the race, even winning some rupees in the process.

1 Boom Bam Golf

Boom Bam Golf is one of the most unique minigames in Breath of The Wild. It is also one of the most fun. The game can be found just north of Tabantha Great Bridge, in Tangar Canyon.

Grab one of the Iron Sledgehammers at the location and then speak to the Goron Modar to initiate the game. Using Link’s Stasis ability, the aim of the game is to hit the bolder and get it in the hole in as few hits as possible.

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