BHS Boys Basketball begins a new chapter with the 2022-2023 season

BISMARCK, ND (KFYR) – Bismarck High basketball turned a page this off-season. The new chapter is full of youth, but youth comes with effort.

“This time of year, if you can get your guys bought in, playing hard, playing with energy, sharing the basketball, doing all the things you want to see as a Coach you’re going to be happy. I’ve been extremely happy because we show up, compete, and get after it,” said Jordan Wilhelm, BHS boys basketball head coach.

The Demons lost more starters from last year’s team than they did in games in the regular season. One name this year, the only senior, holds a lot of the team’s leadership.

“Drew Henriksen. A senior for us that’s played the past couple of seasons. An undersized big man, but you talked about energy, and attitude on the glass. He’s been doing a really nice job finishing around the bucket,” said Wilhelm.

“I’ve had this role in other sports, so it’s not totally new, but I just have fun doing it. I’m just being with the guys. I wouldn’t ask for anything else,” said Drew Henricksen, BHS senior.

With a young group, many on the roster are taking in their first varsity experience, but a program-wide system helps integrate inexperience with complexity.

“We have some continuity from our seventh grade, all the way throughout varsity right now. Our guys are being taught our system offensively and defensively. The neat thing is I’m not having to teach some of that basic stuff when they get to me, we can start with more complex things,” said Wilhelm.

Part of that structure is a new focus on ball movement.

“I think the DNA of our team this year is going to have to be similar to our 2020-2021 teams, where you have two, three, four, five guys in double figures, rather than one or two. We’re still searching for those combinations, and we’ll continue to search for those right combinations until tournament time,” said Wilhelm.

“It gets the opposing defense more tired and more out of shape because we’re moving the ball from side to side, and it takes a lot more work. When we’re pushing the ball, and moving the ball, it’s more tiring for the defense,” said Henriksen.

BHS begins its season Tuesday night in Mandan.

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