Best Sarasota exhibits at Art Museum, Ringling College, Art Center

2022’s not over yet. Our area’s visual art Venues know it – and they’ve saved plenty of good stuff for last. They’ll close out the months that remain with spontaneous sketches, meditations on time, Celebrations of Gods and heroes, artistic antidotes to our current Age of Anxiety, and glimpses of Invisible worlds. These five visual arts highlights will take you to all of these places. See them while you can. And if you enjoy the journey, by all means keep going.

Ringling College of Art and Design

“Illustration Faculty Sketchbooks: 2022.” Art ripped from the sketchbooks of Ringling College’s illustration Faculty professors! (Or carefully removed, or Folded to the right page.) But it amounts to the same thing. Each image is a spontaneous work-in-progress – created in the moment, not refined to the Nth degree. Regan Dunnick’s ink drawing (captioned “Painted Man” in the sketchbook) is a steroidal body-builder, swirling with tattoos from head to toe. Sean Murray’s pencil sketch evokes a mountainside village with intricate line work. It looks like precise observation, but it’s the product of a fervid imagination.

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