Baylor bumps Kansas State out of top three Entering Week 4

Entering the 2022 Big 12 football season, the thought line was that the conference might be as open as it has ever been. So far, that has held up, with each of the top teams playing stretches of Imperfect football — including Oklahoma and Oklahoma State — while the bottom of the league looks as strong as it ever has been. Baylor, Texas and even Kansas Anchor a strong second tier of the Big 12 Entering Week 4.

That makes ranking the conference a challenge. There appear to be four or so teams that might be ahead of the pack as Big 12 title contenders, while teams five through 10 are pretty interchangeable. And with more teams starting conference play this week, it truly looks like an, “Any Given Saturday,” situation. There just aren’t the major gaps that we’ve seen in the league previously; even the No. 10 teams in this week’s power rankings could take down one of the conference’s top teams on the right day.

So which teams are legitimately the favorites? The answer to that question might not be settled for a few weeks, but it should certainly make for a fun season.

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Here’s a look at our updated Big 12 power rankings Entering Week 4.

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