Basketball goals recalled due to potential backboard injury hazards

(Gray News) – Thousands of Spalding Momentous basketball goals are being recalled after the company received reports of injuries.

Welds in the arm attaching the backboard to the pole of some EZ Portable Basketball Goals can fail, causing the backboard to fall and potentially hurt anyone around, the Consumer Product Safety Commission reported in a news release.

Spalding has received 26 reports of the welds failing, including three backboards completely separating from the pole.

One person reported the backboard falling on their head, while another said they were hit on the shoulder and upper torso.

The recall specifically involves Spalding Momentous EZ Assembly Portable Basketball goals with the numbers 1010, 1011 or 1012 printed to the right of the CAUTION statement on the front of the backboard.

All backboard styles are attached to a black metal pole with a black metal arm. The goals have “Spalding” printed on the front of the base and “6E” molded on the back.

According to CPSC, the basketball goals were sold at Academy and Scheels stores nationwide and online at and from May 2021 through April 2022.

Anyone with this goal should stop using it and contact Spalding to arrange for a technician to remove the original arm and install a new one on the goal system.


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