Audubon Golf Course Memphis to be Redesigned by Bergin Golf Designs

The city of Memphis is planning the redesign and renovation of the Audubon Golf Course in East Memphis and has hired a renowned design firm Bergin Golf Designs to draw up plans.

The city signed a $ 300,000 contract with Bergin in late January, according to city records. The Atlanta-based company is known for its revamp of public courses, including The Club at Foxland Harbor in Gallatin and the renovation of Chattanooga Golf and Country Club.

“At this point, we’re still early on in the process we’re going through and looking at Layouts, locations, configurations. But that’s where we are, is, unlike a lot of typical city projects. This is not one that necessarily has anything but the design funding at this point.But we wanted to have this ready to go because it’s the next one in the pipeline, “Memphis Parks Director Nick Walker said in an interview.

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