As MSU hockey starts over with a new coach again, here’s what matters

You can say this next coaching hire is an important one for Michigan State hockey. But it’s more than that now. Because this can no longer be a program looking to restore what it once was. It’s beyond the point of restoration.

The late Ron Mason’s shadow has no more pull with recruits than Duffy Daugherty’s did when the Spartans brought in Nick Saban as their football coach. It’s been just about that long. No one playing college hockey today remembers Mason the coach. No recruit remembers the Spartans’ last consecutive winning seasons, which, for perspective, came before the Big Ten Network existed. If that doesn’t seem that long ago, you’re getting old.

In deciding that Danton Cole wasn’t the answer – the way Tom Anastos wasn’t before him, and Rick Comley before him – MSU hockey is starting over again, another full-on reboot, another of Mason’s guys who couldn’t recreate an that wasn’t coming back.

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