Arts Council partners with hospital art foundation

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Clarke County Democrat

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The Grove Hill Arts Council has voted to work with the Foundation for Hospital Art and in Collaboration with the Van Gogh Museum in the Netherlands. The Foundation invites artists to have “Paint Fests” in order to help in placing art in hospitals, clinics, and nursing homes around the nation.

The foundation, working with health professionals, has found that empty and dull walls often add to the depressed state of medical patients. Instead, science found that there are appropriate colors and themes for hospital art. Bringing outdoors into the indoors is a common idea. The Arts Council will investigate the desire of the Grove Hill health facilities for being a reception of selected works from the foundation.

Recognizing that art communities from Birmingham to Dauphin Island know the Reputation for Grove Hill artists, the council understands that Grove Hill should use their local Talent in this important project.

Arts Council board members say Denise Wilson, Art Center Director, has done an outstanding job in bringing together a range of patrons into developing an appreciation for art and in Exploring their own talents.

This community will be able to join with the Foundation for Hospital Art in bringing color and delight to a health facility.

Maybe even to Grove Hill’s.

Grove Hill Art Council from left, Nancy Powell, Cindy Gilmore, Gina Skipper, student intern Vada Autrey, Linda Englert and Denise Wilson, director.

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