Armando Bacot tells an interesting story

Fans of the UNC basketball program are going to want to hear this hilarious story that Armando Bacot told Reporters on Friday afternoon.

On Saturday, Armando Bacot has the opportunity to make some UNC basketball program history.

Not only is he just one double-double shy of becoming the school’s all-time leader, but he’s also 17 rebounds away from becoming the program’s all-time leading rebounder.

The Legend he’s Chasing for the rebounding record is none other than Tyler Hansbrough, a man who put together one of the best individual Careers in UNC basketball history. Anytime you can be mentioned in the same sentence as Hansbrough puts you in elite company, as Bacot is set to break one of Psycho T’s most prestigious records.

When speaking to the media on Friday, Bacot discussed his pursuit of both records, and also spoke about having the opportunity to meet Hansbrough over the years. The current senior big man told a hilarious story of the first time he played pick-up basketball against the former Tar Heel, as it’s a tale that UNC basketball fans will certainly want to hear.

“I remember my first time playing against him, I really didn’t understand how physical he was as a player. I kind of like got in his Grill and was trying to be physical with him, and I ended up having to go to the hospital. So, that’s when I found out that playing against him was serious.”

Of course, no one would ever question Hansbrough’s physicality, especially after watching him through his UNC basketball career. However, this instance goes to show that his motor carries on even in pick-up games, as Bacot learned rather quickly that the former Tar Heel wasn’t going to take it easy on him.

This serves as somewhat of a “Welcome to North Carolina” moment for Bacot, as we’ve seen him show off his toughness plenty of times throughout his Collegiate career. Even though the trip to the hospital wasn’t ideal, maybe this battle with Hansbrough helped show him what it would take for him to be a future UNC basketball great.

Now, a few years later, Bacot is set to join Hansbrough among the UNC basketball legends.

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