Angelina College art exhibit showcases local African-American artists for Black History Month

NACOGDOCHES, Texas (KTRE) – With Black History Month just days away, many people around the Nation will reflect on the rich history of the African-American communities. Lufkin High School student Laprincia McCloud is one doing just that.

“Black History means a lot to me,” McCloud said. “It means more so the struggles black people went through. That’s what it mostly reminds me of. And ways that we can celebrate our culture.”

She’s one of many local African-American artists who will show off their work at the Angelina Center for the Arts at Angelina College as part of the Black History Month Celebration Art Exhibit.

N’helis Phipps paints, and focuses his art on the African-American community and what impacts his life.

“It’s showing the struggles the ups and downs and everyday life of me and my family, stuff like that,” Phipps said. “So it’s something people can relate to.”

Timera Garret has a mask she crafted from papier-mache in the exhibit. She drew inspiration from the past through the life and death of slaves.

“I kind of centered it around slavery and how many people escaped but were unable to truly be free,” Garrett said.

The exhibit is focusing on more than just paintings and sculptures. With Zariyah Albro reciting some of her Poetry at the opening reception on January 24. Making sure the art exhibit showcases all the ways the local African-American community embraces art to express themselves.

“It goes really back,” Albro said. “It’s interesting because the way art has developed in the African American society is really cool. From Jazz and Blues to Rap and Soul Music.”

The exhibit will be open until Feb. 23 free of charge.

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