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Altea Active is a social wellness club from Winnipeg that just got a second location in Liberty Village with 89,000 square feet of space over two floors and amenities that go way beyond a regular gym.

Toronto-based firm Chapi Chapo designed the entire space that incorporates lots of wellness-inspired fitness and social areas. The tree lounge is the central space on the second floor with a tall tree and large fish tank providing some pleasant outdoor elements.

The Starbucks, smoothie bar and sushi place in the front food hall are open to the public but everything beyond the check-in desk is exclusive to members only.

Altea memberships start at $ 95 per month, but they’re free for Novus residents.

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The massive adult playground spans the second and third levels of the new Novus residential building and consists of five group fitness studios, a restaurant, a sports lounge, and a soon-to-be-finished aquatics center.

other active torontoThe largest main studio features a large steel structure that was originally constructed as a single piece and then placed in the room.

It was done this way in order to avoid vibrations and building rattling when people use the punching bags, which can easily slide along the steel structure to move around the room.

Over 130 classes are available each week in one of the multi-purpose studios. Experience barre, dance, pilates, yoga, HITT, boxing, boot camp and anti-gravity classes, or get adventurous with an aerial fitness class that uses silk hammocks hung from the ceiling.

other active torontoAltea Active also partnered with LF3 to provide small group training focusing on strength and cardio with their professional trainers.

Those who are interested can even let the LF3 Rx system do a scan of their total body composition to create a completely personalized fitness plan.

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The cycling studio is the largest in the country with 75 bikes, surround sound speakers, overhead neon lights that beat to the music and a 285-inch screen.

other active torontoThere are three types of spin classes offered: Altitude with lots of uphill climbing; Bolt for an intensely power-driven ride; and Tempo, which is essentially just a dance party on a bike.

Use the MyAlteaActive app to connect to your bike with a QR Code and your results will show up on the screen as you go.

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All state-of-the-art equipment from Technogym – the official equipment provider of the past eight editions of the Olympic Games — makes it really easy to track your training data. Just use the Altea app to connect at the beginning of your workout.

other active torontoThe same goes for the 150 machines over in the cardio theater, which looks out over big, open sunset-facing windows.

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The hot yoga studio features three fireplaces to allow the 2,500-square-foot space to get to sizzling temperatures by the time members are in downward dog.

other active torontoKeep the relaxation going and head into the Somadome meditation pod on the second floor, which is just one of three currently available in Canada.

Decompress for 20 minutes at a time in the light therapy dome inside a noise-blocking room.

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The H20 Lounge on the third floor features lots of greenery and a giant water bottle filling station with 10 fountains in the middle of the space to help you stay hydrated.

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A further reminder that Altea Active is far more than just a gym is the 140-seat dining room and bar just off of the tree lounge.

Catalyst Kitchen serves a menu that incorporates vegan and gluten-free options and balances healthy and hearty (yes, there are fries) dishes made with local, seasonal ingredients.

other active torontoThe fried chicken sandwich ($ 18.95) is prepared with a housemade seasoning flour, marinated in buttermilk and maple, then topped with lemon thyme aioli and jicama slaw. A side of fries goes well with the vegan jalapeno pineapple aioli.

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Arctic char ($ 31.95) is another delicious dish. The Icy Waters fish is pan-seared and made with a sunchoke and truffle puree before it’s sat atop a bed of buttered carrot and zucchini ribbons and given a mustard glaze.

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One of the available cocktails is Girl Crush ($ 14.95). Don’t be fooled by the pink color and cutesy name, it delivers a fair bit of smoky boldness from the traditional tequila Blanco and mezcal. Homemade spicy grapefruit syrup, fresh grapefruit juice and bitters top it off.

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Just beyond Catalyst is the sports lounge that is also catered by the kitchen and bar. TV screens, pool tables, air hockey and four lanes of duckpin bowling are all there for your enjoyment.

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There are also five themed arcade games that are coin-powered.

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When you get bored of the billiards and arcade games, get to the Topgolf Swing Suites where you can play a round of golf on one of the top 85 courses in the world. Or, play another virtual sport like soccer, hockey, football, baseball and zombie dodgeball.

The suites, which fit nine people each or 18 if you combine a few, can be booked for $ 40 an hour.

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Altea Active also offers child care services for its members to use while at the club. Babies as young as two weeks old and kids up to the age of 11 can come to the 2,800-square-foot space with a full play gym and designated napping area.

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