All-Marawood Conference Volleyball Team led by POY Borchardt(Edgar) and Weik(Phillips)

MC Champion Teams- North–Athens; South–Edgar

Players of the Year: *Kendall Weik #3-12 Phillips Reagan Borchardt #3-12 Edgar

Coaches of the Year: Tanille Hartwig Athens Evan Krebsbach Edgar

First Team- North Division First Team- South Division
Name #, Year, School Name #, Year, School

*=Unanimous Selection *=Unanimous Selection
*Haylee Soyk #14- 12 Abbotsford Josie Ertl #1- 12 Auburndale
*Jazelle Hartwig #5- 11 Athens *Reagan Borchardt #3- 12 Edgar
Savannah Epping #9- 12 Libero Athens Leah Davis #18- 12 Edgar
*Addison Lavicka #17- 11 Athens *Ashley Phakitthong #11- 12 Marathon
Elsa Schluter #3- 12 Phillips *Ava Krueger #4- 11 Marathon
*Kendall Weik #16-12 Phillips *Lily Shields #14- 10 Newman
*Kali Heikkinen #13- 10 Prentice Grace Carlson #5- 12 Libero Newman

Second Team- North Division Second Team- South Division
Sydney Falteisek #2- 11 Abbotsford Jayden Glaza #2- 11 Assumption
Sophia Coker #6- 11 Athens Autumn Moon #3- 11 Assumption
Kacy Eggebrecht #11- 11 Libero Phillips Ashlyn Grimm #9- 12 Auburndale
Mataya Eckert #10- 10 Phillips Maggie Baltus #18- 11 Libero Auburndale
Lydia Harding #18- 11 Prentice Kendalyn Dahlke #5- 12 Edgar
Mallory Burcaw- #9- 12 Prentice Emily Murkowski #12- 11 Edgar
Tessa Weik #12- 9 Rib Lake Paige Guld #3- 11 Newman
Annika Svennes #13- 10 Newman
Ava Weix #2- 12- Libero Stratford

Honorable Mention
Abbotsford Assumption
Sommer Brodhagen- 11 Ava Schill- 12
Adriana Rivera- 11 Kendall Duellman- 10
Athens Auburndale
Sydney Coker- 11 Brianna Weiler- 12
Sy’Rih Hartwig- 9 Kimmie Lundgren- 12
Edgar of Chequamego
Angelina Bebeau- 9 Kyra Anderson- 11
Phillips Natalie Krause- 12
Solita Kaster-12 Marathon
Brooke Eckert- 11 Kali Prihoda- 12
Prentice Newman
Carissa Harting- 12 Paige Reeves- 12
Leah Nehls- 11 Taylor Jankowski- 11
Rib Lake Stratford
Tahlia Scheithauer- 9 Kalyn Schueller- 10
Kamryn Annala- 9 Tessa Berg- 12

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