Albemarle Foundation donates to Performing arts

The local Albemarle Foundation continued to demonstrate their commitment to improve the Magnolia community through a recent donation of a seventy-two thousand dollar grant to the Magnolia Performing Arts Center.

Larry Dunn, Director of Performing Arts for the Magnolia School District, stated, “We are truly fortunate to have Albemarle Foundation partner with the Magnolia Performing Arts Center to help further the mission for our students and community. An investment of this magnitude is a major step towards cultivating more world-class performing arts experiences in our part of the state.”

Albemarle Corporation created the Albemarle Foundation in 2007 as a privately endowed 501c3 entity with a mission to make a positive, sustainable difference in communities where the company operates. Its philanthropic efforts support education, health and social services, and cultural initiatives through grants, matching gifts, Volunteer Grants and scholarships. Since its inception, the Albemarle Foundation has distributed more than fifty-two million dollars in grants.

In Magnolia, a Foundation employee site council serves as the Foundation’s local stewards, identifying community needs and Researching grant opportunities. The council selected the Magnolia School District to receive a seventy-two thousand dollar grant for the Magnolia Performing Arts Center to help expand art offerings for the community.

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