A 2022 Editor’s Choice Golf Watch For Less Than £100? Yes You Read That Right

A 2022 Editor’s Choice Golf Watch For Less Than £100? Yes You Read That Right

Earlier this year we collated our Editor’s Choice (opens in new tab) and one of the selections was the Bushnell iON Edge Watch, which you can get right now for less than £100. That is one of the best Black Friday golf deals (opens in new tab) we have seen so far and we have found it to be quite rare to find such a good product, for such a low price. Indeed it also seems to be available for that price on a number of different Retailers as you can see from the price comparison widget at the top of this page.

But specifically, why is this deal so good? Well finding golf tech for less than £100 is rare these days and Bushnell is one of the most well-trusted brands in this area of ​​the golf market. In terms of the watch itself, it is sleek, felt quite soft, and didn’t interfere with our swing or cause any discomfort, so all good in that department.

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Moving on to functionality, we will admit it does take a couple of rounds to get used to, and to work out how to get the best out of it. But our Tester acknowledged that once he did spend some time with the watch, its usability was good. He enjoyed utilizing the front-middle-back yardage function in conjunction with the moveable flag function, which allows you to cycle through the different pin locations and select to get a more precise distance to the flag.

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