9X NBA Title Winning Coach, Who Invented Triangle Offense, Crowned Michael Jordan Stronger Than 6FT 6” Kobe Bryant

Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan are two of the most iconic figures in NBA history. Primarily because of how similar they are.

MJ was the Black Mamba’s Hero growing up. So much so, that he modeled his game after him. Every single detail, down to the T.

Their games were so alike that it is almost difficult to spot a difference between the two. However, Jordan and Kobe’s former Assistant Coach believes there is one significant difference and it has to do with their strength.

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Tex Winter believes Michael Jordan was stronger than Kobe Bryant

In their primes, there were almost no stylistic differences between Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan. Their games were so identical that Kobe was dubbed as the second coming of His Airness.

However, Tex Winter, who coached both MJ and the 6ft 6″ Black Mamba, claimed that the former trumped the latter because of his strength. In an excerpt from Michael Jordan: The Life by Roland Lazenby, the nine-time title-winning coach suggested that Jordan was far stronger than Bryant.

“In a lot of ways, Bryant was Jordan’s equal as a post-player, Winter said, except for one critical element. Jordan was much stronger, the Coach said. ‘Michael had a knack for holding his ground a little better than Kobe.’ “

Winter served as the Bulls’ Assistant Coach from 1985 to 1999, followed by a similar spell with the Lakers until 2004. He was also the mastermind behind the Triangle offense that brought both teams their success. Over t

If anyone knows a thing or two about Kobe and MJ’s style of play it’s Tex.

MJ despaired at the passing of his little brother, Kobe Bryant

On 26th January 2020, the basketball world tragically lost Kobe Bryant. It was a heartbreaking day for many, especially Michael Jordan. After all, Kobe was like a little brother to him, and losing him left him in despair.

Whether their style of play was identical or different, there can be no denying that they had one thing in common. Love and respect for each other.

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