7 push golf carts for 2022

Push carts are more popular now than ever and really hit their stride during the height of the COVID-19 Pandemic. People wanted to get out of the house and get some exercise, and push carts became the Sensation we always knew they could be.

There are many different types of push carts, all of which are a fantastic alternative to throwing your bag on the back of a golf cart.

Using a push cart can be just as fast as riding in a golf cart and even more enjoyable. Hacking your way to the mid-90’s isn’t so bad when you’re walking with fresh air and Sunshine Shining down upon you!

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Big Max Autofold Push Cart (GlobalGolf)

Price: $ 349.99

Why we like it: The Big Max autofold comes in a trike design to offer mobility and stability on the course. With an easy folding push cart, you won’t have to fight it to get back into your trunk after a long day on the course.

$ 349.99 – GlobalGolf

Clicgear Model 4 Push Cart

Clicgear Model 4 Push Cart (GlobalGolf)

Price: $ 309

Why we like it: Arguably the best bang for your buck, the Clicgear Model 4 is a staple across college golf. The slim design makes it easy to push all day long and once you’re done, the Model 4 folds up into a compact cube for easy storage.

$ 309 – PGA Tour Superstore $ 319.99 – GlobalGolf

EZ Fold 360 Wheel Push Cart

EZ Fold 360 Wheel Push Cart (PGA Tour Superstore)

Price: $ 219.99

Why we like it: Coming in under $ 250, this is one of the best budget options. Featuring plenty of storage, you’ll have everything you need on the links.

$ 219.99 – PGA Tour Superstore

MGI Zip Navigator

MGI Zip Navigator (GlobalGolf)

Price: $ 699 & $ 1,495

Why we like them: The Zip X1 is great for those who want an electric push cart, but are unsure about the steep price tag. The Zip X1 allows you to dip your toe into the water and take baby steps towards the real deal.

If you want to top the line, the Navigator is definitely the way to go. At just under $ 1,500, the Navigator is not for the casual golfer but for someone that plays and walks regularly. This model features a downhill automated system that takes care of any steep hills for you so you don’t have to worry about a Runaway set of clubs.

Zip X1: $ 699 – GlobalGolf Zip Navigator: $ 1,495 – GlobalGolf

MotoCaddy M1 DHC Push Cart

MotoCaddy M1 DHC Push Cart (GlobalGolf)

Price: $ 1,099

Why we like it: A bit cheaper than the MCI Navigator, the MotoCaddy M1 DHC also comes with an automatic downhill control system. Controllable from up to 45 yards away, the M1 can patrol the grounds while you enjoy the walk at your own pace.

$ 1,099 – GlobalGolf

Sun Mountain Speed ​​Cart VR1

Sun Mountain Speed ​​Cart VR1 (GlobalGolf)

Price: $ 269.99

Why we like it: If standing out on the course is your thing, this is the push cart for you. Coming in an array of vibrant colors, the Speed ​​Cart VR1 is a top of the line push cart that can live your game.

$ 269.99 – GlobalGolf

TaylorMade Walker Trolley Push Cart

Walker Trolley Push Cart (TaylorMade)

Price: $ 389

Why we like it: Want to keep it old school? The Taylormade Walker Trolley may be perfect for you. Waxed Canvas and brown leather accent the aluminum frame which is capped off with spoked bicycle-like tires. The cart folds up easily for simple storage.

$ 389 – TaylorMade


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