5 most injury-prone players in the league right now

Perhaps nothing pains an MLB franchise more than an impact player getting injured and being sidelined for a period of time. Although most players end up getting hurt at some point in their careers, it definitely happens to some more than others.

So far in the 2022 season, there have been superstars who have not been able to grace the diamond due to injury. There are also players who are just recovering from injuries from last season as well. Today, we are going to look at the five most injury-prone MLB players in the league currently.

5 MLB Players that struggle to stay on the field

# 5 Mike Trout – Los Angeles Angels

Washington Nationals v Los Angeles AngelsNew York Yankees v Baltimore OriolesBaltimore Orioles v Los Angeles AngelsColorado Rockies v New York MetsNew York Yankees v Chicago White Sox

Giancarlo Stanton hits a home run OVER THE LEFT FIELD WALL! https://t.co/tjl3xtLnjD

“Giancarlo Stanton hits a home run OVER THE LEFT FIELD WALL!” – @ Talkin ‘Yanks

If Stanton can stay on the field this season, it it likely that he will experience continued success at the plate, something that he is used to.

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