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Using your regular shoes while spinning or riding your mountain bike downhill can be problematic. Your shoes can fall off the clipless pedals, leading you to lose control. So what’s the solution for better control? Best bike pedals with toe clips. The toe clip pedals are simply a cage that you can attach to the front of bike pedals. You can then use the toe clips along with your regular shoes for better stability.

In this article, we have rounded out the best toe clip pedals for you to consider. These models allow you to ride with your regular shoes and save you from the hustle of purchasing additional bike straps and clips.

So, let’s take a look at the best bike pedals with toe clips and straps.

Top 5 Toe Clip Pedals Today

1. Newsty Bike Pedal Toe Clips for Outdoor and Indoor Cycling

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The Newsty Bike Pedal toe clips top our list because of their affordable price. This makes them suitable for beginners who do not want to shell out extra money on toe clips and straps. The pedals are made of a nice blend of alloy and resin – making them strong, durable, and sturdy. So, you can use them for indoor as well as outdoor activities.

Another thing we love about the Newsty pedals is the convenience they offer. The cages and straps come pre-installed. Thus you do not have to struggle for hours just mounting the pedals. This should make any beginner happy. But, the size of toe cages is medium, which may not suit bigger or wider feet. Luckily, Newsty offers a one-month money-back guarantee, so you can return them if the size does not fit.

BV BV Shimano SPD Compatible 9/16 ″ Pedals with Toe Clips

BV Bike Shimano SPD Compatible 9/16

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ON second, we have one of the most versatile bike pedals you can find today. The BV bike pedals are not only Shimano SPD compatible, but you can use them indoors for exercise or outdoors with an MTB. The adjustable nylon straps and aluminum clips come in really handy when adjusting your shoes to a particular use.

Furthermore, the pedals are dual function, enabling you to ride with clip shoes or your regular ones. A pair of steel SPD cleats also come with the package. Lastly, all the straps and toe clips come pre-installed. You do not have to waste your time with installation. They are also easily removable if you want to get rid of the accessories. We feel like an instruction manual would have helped users better understand the work.

3. Venzo- Shimano SPD Pedals with Toe Clips & Cleats for Exercise Spin Bike

Venzo Fitness Exercise Indoor Bike

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The Venzo Shimano pedals are one of the best SPD pedals in the market today. They’re third on our list because of heavy-duty construction and their fantastic design. The heavy-duty CNC axle and aluminum construction give these SPD bike pedals a very sturdy feel. Besides, the platform is also large (105 x 78 mm), offering better stability. These Shimano pedals are ideal for exercise spin bikes and indoor exercises.

Moreover, the Venzo pedals feature toe clips and cleats. So you can use them with cleats or your regular exercise shoes if you want. What’s more, the cleats are also compatible with any other SPD pedals. As an extra security feature, the pedals feature sealed bearings. Overall, you can fit them on any standard spin bike, converting them into a valuable exercise asset. However, the pedals are designed for indoors only.

4. Esnow 1 Pair Toe Clips with Strap Belts Cycling MTB Road Mountain

Esnow 1 Pair Toe Clips with Strap Belts Cycling MTB Road Mountain for Bicycle Pedal

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The Esnow’s pair of toe clips are sturdy, lightweight, and heavy-duty. Unlike other models on this list, they are made of durable plastic, and the nylon straps provide extra safety. Although the design looks a bit dated, the pair provides excellent control on pedaling. That’s why they are perfect for downhill mountain bike trips.

Moreover, this set of clips is fairly easy to install. Just make sure your pedal has the necessary insert holes. The good thing is that the strap is adjustable to fit. Its opening looks a wee bit small at the start but opens up after some use. However, the size of the clips can be a problem for some riders. We suggest no smaller than a 7 and no larger than a 9.5 shoe size. If you are above or below this size, go for any other option.

5. Wellgo Track- Toe Clip Pedal with Leather Strap

State Bicycle Co.  Aluminum Bike Pedals by Wellgo

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Go old school! If you’re looking for lightweight toe clip pedals, Wellgo Track offers an excellent option. The Wellgo bike pedals weigh just 238 g. Yes, that includes even the toe cages. Thus the Wellgo is one of the lightest pedals with clips in the market today. You just have to adjust the bearing pre-load, but the pedals sit very nicely after that and work great.

These pedals come in aluminum, barrel silver, or polished body, giving you the luxury of choice. The toe cages also come in two options – aluminum black or sliver. So you can choose the colors as per your preferences. Plus, the ball bearings enhance the overall working of the cages, preventing accidents. Overall, if you do not want to spend too much and are okay with decent quality pedals, Wellgo track toe clip pedals are a good option.

A Three-Step Guide to Install Toe Clip Pedals On Your Bike

  1. First of all, you have to remove your bike’s existing pedals. To do that, unscrew the bolt using an Allen wrench. Use oil to soften the crank first if it’s too tight.
  2. Now oil the arm as well as the thread of toe clip pedals. It will help with easy installation.
  3. Turn the left pedal in an anti-clockwise direction. Keep doing so unless you feel it’s tightening on the bike. Likewise, turn the right foot pedal in a clockwise direction. Use a wrench to tighten the pedals easily.

That’s all. Have fun!

A Buyer’s Guide to the Best Bike Pedals with Toe Clips


It’s important that your bike pedals should be durable. They should last at least a year of wear and tear. The durability of pedals is dependent on their construction material. Most of the bike pedals on the market today are made with aluminum. Sure, it’s not as durable as steel, but it’s very lightweight and can take a beating. Try to avoid low-quality plastic pedals, though.


Bike pedals should be convenient to use. The size of the clips that come with pedals should fit you snugly. But that’s okay if you want to purchase some toe clips separately. In any case, we suggest asking the seller about which size best fits the pedal cages. You should also inquire about whether different cage sizes are available to know your right fit.


Which bike do you use along with toe clip pedals? Do you prefer outdoor biking? Or do you want to use it for an indoor exercise bike? Knowing the answers to these questions will help you find a suitable bike. This is because there are bike pedals specifically designed for these activities. Using bike pedals designed for spinning on a downhill mountain bike ride will break them down in a few days. There are also multi-purpose bike pedals if you want a versatile pair.

Spindle & Platform Size

Check the spindle size of the bike pedal you want to get. Make sure it fits nicely into the shaft of your bike. Otherwise, you will just keep struggling with the unmatching pedals throughout your use. As for the platform, an ideal pedal has a wider platform compared to your feet. A wide platform increases the amount of power you can transfer from your feet to the pedals. This conserves your energy and ensures the ride remains stable.


Thanks to these best bike pedals with toe clips, you can use your regular shoes on a long ride without worrying about stability or safety. As these pedals are very easy to get on and off, you can use them throughout multiple stops during your journey. Just make sure you get the right pair for your use. We hope the information in this article is helpful to make the most out of your bike pedal purchase. Good luck!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are clip-in pedals worth a try?

Of course, clip-in pedals or pedals with toe clips add to the safety of the ride. They ensure that your feet do not slide off and stay stable on the pedals.

Can I use cleats with a toe cage?

Not really. You do not need to use cleats with using a toe cage. This is because both of these accessories ensure stable foot positioning. You can use them alternatively, though.

Can I spin with a toe clip?

Yes, you can spin with toe clips. Using toe clips to spin is safe when using regular shoes. Sure, the upper strokes will not be convenient, but the down-strokes will be excellent.

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