100% Eastcraft Cycling Glasses review

The best cycling sunglasses are the perfect fusion of form meets function. In a perfect world they would protect your eyes in every situation and never fog. Still, even if you found just the right glasses from a performance perspective, you’d still have work to do. Sunglasses are about more than just performance; they are about style.

That’s where the brand 100% steps in. There are some brands that just ooze style and 100% is one of them. For that reason, we’ve included more than one pair on our list of the best cycling sunglasses. Despite an already strong portfolio, this winter it released something new: the Eastcraft and Westcraft, two takes on a common theme, and we had a chance to spend time with the strong square silhouette of the Eastcraft. If you are looking for high-performance cycling sunglasses with a strong focus on fashion, keep reading to see our thoughts on these new sunglasses from 100%.

100% Eastcraft Sunglasses detail of clear replacement lenses

Clear replacement lenses, a soft case, and a high quality hard case are all included (Image credit: Josh Ross)

Design and aesthetics

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