10 Best TV Shows Like Hawkeye

After watching Hawkeye, some fans may be looking for the next show that scratches that itch. The show was remarkably versatile, playing with a variety of different genres, so there are a lot of different shows that include some of the elements that worked so well in Hawkeye. Fans of Hawkeye are probably already well familiar with the MCU, but there are plenty of non-Marvel shows that have a similar feel.

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Because Hawkeye plays with so many different thematic elements, similar shows differ greatly when it comes to genre and intended audience. While many have superhero plot lines, others just capture a single element of Hawkeye that fans might enjoy.


Superman And Lois (2021 -) Stream On HBO Max

Superman & Lois BD Boxart

Superman and Lois follows the wholesome moments and crazy adventures of Clark, Lois, and their family as they move back to Smallville after the death of Clark’s mom. They wind up getting into some trouble as the local mine unearths a new kind of Kryptonite and one of their sons starts developing powers. The show is great at showing the struggles of middle America, as well as showing how a family can keep up the balance while one of its members is off fighting crime.

For those whose biggest question throughout Hawkeye was whether Clint was going to make it home for Christmas, this show is perfect. It shows the superhero side but is really just a show about a family dealing with some admittedly out-of-this-world situations.

Arrow (2012 – 2020) Stream On Netflix

Oliver Queen in Arrow

Arrow follows Oliver Queen as he tries to save Star City from all the people who would try to cause it harm. He begins by killing the people on his father’s list who are attempting to blow up the poorer area of ​​town, before going on his own journey of development and openness to others. Interspersed with the show’s plot are a series of training clips in which Oliver climbs the salmon ladder, works out, and shows off some impressive bow work.

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This show features a lot of the familiar tropes fans are used to seeing from a dark superhero show but also features a lot of emphasis on the skill Oliver has with a bow and how it works in combination with the threats his city faces. Those who loved the archery scenes and discussions in Hawkeye can expect to see plenty of those on Arrow as well.

Switched at Birth (2011 – 2017) Stream On Hulu

Switched At Birth

Switched At Birth was one of the first television shows to highlight the deaf community, showing the importance of deaf schools, learning sign language, and accepting the deaf world as being just as valid as the hearing world, full of people with just as enriched lives.

There are very few shows out there with this kind of representation, especially positive representation, so for fans who saw themselves on screen for the first time in Maya and Clint’s deaf and hard-of-hearing journeys, Switched at Birth is another place to experience that visibility.

Stargirl (2020 -) Stream On HBO Max

Brec Bassinger's Stargirl.

The end of Hawkeye teases that Kate will become the new (or concurrent) Hawkeye, and the best show that tells a similar story is Stargirla DC project that looks at a group of teenagers taking on the mantles of previous superheroes from the Justice Society of America.

Stargirl has a lot in common with Kate’s arc, with characters taking on roles as superheroes to follow in the steps of those they loved who came before them or looking to find some safety and security at a time where neither is readily available. For those who love Kate taking on the Hawkeye mantle, Stargirl is the next show to watch to see characters passing the torch.

Buffy The Vampire Slayer (1997 – 2003) Stream On Hulu

Sarah Michelle Gellar Buffy Anne Summers and Alyson Hannigan Willow Rosenberg in Buffy show at UC University

Buffy the Vampire Slayer follows Buffy as the chosen one to protect the world from the dangers of vampires and demons as she tries to lead a somewhat normal life on top of the Hellmouth. Buffy and her friends tend toward sarcasm when facing the end of the world, blending the supernatural and teen drama genres perfectly.

One of the best relationship dynamics in Hawkeye was between Kate and Yelena, who formed a fast friendship and traded banter while they fought and measured each other up. For fans who love this kind of dynamic, Buffy is a great place to look, with the Scooby Gang bantering with bad guys in almost every episode.

Young Justice (2010 -) Stream On HBO Max

Split image showing Nightwing and Oracle, and Miss Martian and Superboy in Young Justice

In Young Justice, sidekicks to the Justice League’s greatest heroes attempt to find their way as heroes in their own right. Tired of being seen as less-than, they take on their own missions and go where the Justice League can’t.

Kate and Clint both had the chance to shine in Hawkeye, going from an incredible archer who was in the wrong place at the wrong time and the least memorable Avenger to major heroes. Neither character feels like an afterthought in Hawkeyeand that is the same energy that Young Justice gives off, with often-neglected characters being featured as main characters.

Supernatural (2005 – 2020) Stream On Netflix

supernatural sam and dean winchester poster

Supernatural follows brothers Sam and Dean as they track down demons and monsters, trying to save as many people as they can and get closure for their family traumas. They begin the show still learning the ropes from their father John and father-figure Bobby, but they gradually become heroes in their own right, no longer needing their mentors to hold their hands.

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This would be a good fit for fans who liked seeing Kate grow from running behind Clint to actively saving him and others. Hopefully, the future Hawkeye stories will see Kate coming into the spotlight even more without needing Clint’s name to do it. For those who are enthusiastically looking forward to Kate’s time to shine, Supernatural will likely impress.

Boy Meets World (1993 – 2000) Stream On Disney +

Shawn and Cory toast in Boy Meets World episode Turkey Day

Boy Meets World follows Cory Matthews and his friends and family as they navigate life from middle school through college under the guidance of their teacher Mr. Feeny. They deal with relationship and life struggles, finding their way through life using Mr. Feeny’s sage advice.

While Clint was a reluctant mentor to Kate, he did offer her important advice and guidance as she grew into the hero who was able to save him by the final episode. For those most appreciative of this mentorship side of Hawkeye, Boy Meets World is the best place for similar mentorship and advice.

The Flash (2014 -) Stream On Netflix

flash season 8 episode 6 trailer

The Flash follows Barry Allen as he becomes the Flash and tries to figure out how to be a superhero. He develops a team of allies who help him fight crime through Central City, with a few betraying him along the way.

Without spoiling too much, it usually doesn’t go well for Barry to think of somebody as a hero, as they often let him down. For those who enjoyed seeing a similar arc as Clint was not as wonderful and Mrs. Bishop was not as innocent as Kate believed them to be, The Flash will provide the requisite amount of expected heartbreak.

The Falcon And The Winter Soldier (2021 -) Stream On Disney +

Bucky and Sam smiling in the final FatWS

While everyone else in the MCU is threatening the arrival of the multiverse, Hawkeye and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier are dealing with family conflict and becoming reluctant partners. The Falcon and the Winter Soldier follows Sam and Bucky as they try to deal with Steve’s legacy, become friends, and fight against those who would abuse that legacy.

Bucky and Sam are certainly reluctant allies, as are Kate and Clint at the beginning of the series. Over the course of their fights together, both shows have their two leads come together until they think of each other like family, not burdens that need to be tolerated.

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