10 best players from the state of Texas of the last decade

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Playing college basketball in the NCAA Tournament is a dream that won’t come true for the majority of young basketball players throughout the country. For many of us, simply watching the twists and turns and dramatic moments of March Madness is satisfying enough. The entire NCAA Basketball season delivers, from the opening tip in November all the way until the nets are cut down in early April, with a new set of names forever in our hearts and on our lips.

While those dreams don’t always come true for young players, we’ve seen a great number of those young players and how their basketball careers have developed. We’ve been doing that with our continuing series, looking at the best college basketball players of the last decade from each individual state. Each state is different and has produced different kinds of college basketball players. States like Alaska or Hawaii haven’t exactly contributed a plethora of D1 basketball athletes, but that certainly isn’t an issue today.

We’re looking towards Texas today and everything’s bigger down in the Lone Star State. Texas has produced an incredible list of D1 basketball players, even just in the last decade. Today’s article barely does it justice and as a result we have ten pretty incredible basketball players on the list. Remember, this is not about the best players from the Texas Longhorns, although that list would have some pretty fantastic names as well.

Remember, today’s article is about players whose hometowns are from the state of Texas. We aren’t concerned where a player attended high school or college, their hometown needs to be from the particular state covered by the article. By the time we’ve finished our deep dive today, we’ll have looked at some of the finest basketball players in recent memory; Texas has really delivered. Enough talk; Let’s get right into these ten players.

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