10 best players from the state of Rhode Island last decade

NCAA Basketball Florida Gators forward/center Erik Murphy Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

For one country, the United States has a ton of diversity. People live, talk, and co-exist in largely different ways even a few states apart. One language that is spoken the same regardless of region is the language of sports, although our focus is of course on college basketball. No matter where you’re from, you probably have a few prominent NCAA basketball programs within a stone’s throw. But it’s not just about what these programs have done or are doing now, it’s about those players in high school or junior high, the next Legends of the game only just starting to pick up the game of basketball.

In every corner of the country, basketball is played and there are young kids who dream of getting their moment to shine at the collegiate and professional stage. We’ll be unveiling even more of these regional dreams, continuing our series looking at the best college basketball players of the last decade from each state. This has been quite the exhaustive process; we’ve already covered more than three dozen states to this point, but there are still a few Sneaky good states left in the count, including today’s look at the country’s smallest state.

Rhode Island is a small state but an old one and remains flush with young athletic talent. The players we’ll see in today’s piece aren’t all superstars or conference legends, but all of them contributed at a high level to their programs. They come from all over this small state and have played all over the country, even though a few of them stuck around and played their college ball in their home state. Remember, this isn’t a piece about the Rams, although we’ll see them mentioned at least once in the slides that follow.

If a player’s Hometown is located inside Rhode Island, then expect to possibly see them on today’s list. If they played high school ball in Rhode Island but their hometown is in another state, you may have missed them on a different list in this series. You may think there are only so many players that a state like Rhode Island could produce, but Let’s start showing you that these are still some impressive young basketball talents.

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