▶️ New team, same goal, Summit boys soccer makes statement in league opener

On Tuesday night, a big evening in boys in Central Oregon, as Summit and the Ridgeview boys team came into a match-up as the top two 5A teams in the state.

“We know what we can do, we know what we are capable of, and we are ready to take on anyone in the state,” said Summit senior Bowen Teuber.

With a Championship mentality, the Summit boys soccer knows how it feels to win. Last year the program won the 6A state title, but this is not last year’s team. This is a whole new group.

“With the group last year, it was just an incredible group. An anomaly is what we’ve been calling it,” said Summit boys soccer head Coach Joe LoCascio. “To think that it is something to replicate, something to follow up with, that was probably the last thing on our mind and the first thing in our Minds to get over.”

The Phenom of unique Athletes may not be there.

What is there is a talented group of collective, motivated players.

“We might not have the individual athletes like last year, but we are a whole team. We are all here to win. That’s all we want,” said Summit senior Aidan MacLennan. “We put all our effort into training, all our effort into games. It’s a family.”

Now in 5A, the Storm is in a lower classification and a new league.

The other teams, the league,” said Locascio. “It’s nothing compared to, can we do our Absolute best this year as a Summit squad.”

In their Summit’s league game, they defeated Ridgeview 6-0.

“Our goal is set as high as we did last year,” said Teuber. “Conference title. I think that we want to get back to that state title, even though it’s 5A we’re ready, we want that.”


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